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How they are making a bigger impact with Optimy

Getting to know the community you are helping is a vital part of a CSR job. Creating the right questionnaire forms for applicants can be a great way to do it. But this simple task can be rather tricky. Years ago, Skandia’s Foundation ‘Ideas for life’ would take 6 months to make a change in their forms. Today, Optimy allows them to create and change questions in their forms with just a few clicks.    


The Challenge

The insurance company Skandia noticed 33 years ago, the need for better support for health and security for children in Sweden, and so the Ideas for Life Foundation was born. Since then, the foundation has supported over 4.000 projects around the country. They work as an innovative catalyst by supporting research, methods and non-profit projects for local children. 

Ideas for Life believes that their role in society is to be a bridge between different communities. By creating a dialogue between the public sector, business, civil society and academia, the foundation can have a positive and lasting social impact. 


The Opportunity

With such a significant scope of projects, it is no surprise that Ideas for Life receives over 800 requests per year. Managing all these applications by e-mail was quite a daunting work for the small foundation team. The need for a software that would automate the task was clear, but choosing the right tool was also a challenge. The foundation considered building their own internal solution, but they soon realised that it would be time-consuming and have high costs. 

The project manager of Ideas for Life, Birgitta Hultfeldt explains that with Optimy, they have a better value for the money for many different reasons: “Compared to other solutions, Optimy offered more features for a better price. Also, the fact that Optimy’s team spoke different languages made us feel very confident,” explains Birgitta Hultfeldt. 


The Outcome

According to Birgitta Hultfeldt, since Ideas for Life started using Optimy, catching signals and trends, as well as following statistics of what’s happening in the community has become much easier: “For example, we had to check for a board meeting how many applications had mentioned the COVID-19. It was easy to run a check and find that information. Optimy is very helpful for Ideas for Life and gives us the support to act as catalysts for change”. 

She also points out that working closely with Optimy’s customer success team has made the process of learning how to use the tool easier: “William, the account executive responsible for supporting us, has been great. It is easy to get support, and we always get answers quickly. He helped me to identify how we can improve our workflow and reach the impact we wish to have.”  

Besides being able to simplify and automate processes, Optimy helped Ideas for Life connect with their community: “All applications somehow tell us a history. Based on that, we can help this project, whether this is a school, integrations or any other matter. With Optimy, I can easily add questions to my forms and therefore receive applications that give me the information that I need. Today I can clearly see how many opportunities this tool has brought us,” celebrates Birgitta Hultfeldt. 

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