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Randstad specialises in finding solutions for those looking for flexible work and those in services regarding human resources. Their services range from finding clients temporary staffing, permanent placements and other HR solutions. However more specifically Ranstad provide career advice, training, in-house services, recruitment and selection services, specific HR projects, and many more services.

As a result, as well as being an all-round expert in the area of work, Randstad do provide businesses and temporary workers tailor-made services that match their requirements exactly.

"Thanks to the Optimy software, we save a valuable time in managing incoming requests while ensuring an automatic and personalised answers to every submitter. Plus, we can identify in a few clicks the projects that match the most with Randstad’s expectations."

Projects Supported


Randstad have been partned with VSO since 2004 to help fight poverty around the world. Randstad helps VSO recruit volunteers with local partners in developing countries by providing VSO with access to their corporate networks and technology.

Randstasd employees also volunteer their knowledge, experience and skills in developing countries in areas such as finance, education, healthcare, HR and business management.

This partnership gives Ranstad’s employees the ability to go on a VSO placement and share their knowledge with those who need assistance in these local communites. Since the establishment of this partnership, over 150 Randstad employees have volunteered in countries like Bangladesh, Tanzania and many more.

Randstad is one of Belgium’s “best employers” and sponsors a range of community events, as well as partners with industry associations and conferences.

Randstad needed a one-top solution to be able to:

  • Filter incoming requests based on specific criteria
  • Organise incoming requests
  • Automate personalised replies to each request submitter
  • Why they use

    The Solution

  • 1.Optimy is a grant management software that helps organisations like Randstad optimise their grant making facilities through the entire lifecycle of a project, from the application process to completion and reporting.
  • 2.Optimy solutions allows Randstad to collect all their requests through one entry point ‘http://randstad.mysponsortool.be’ (a tailor-made online form is embedded in Randstad’s website). Requests received by email are transferred to the tool via its dropbox email.
  • 3.Randstad can filter incoming requests based on pre-defined criteria. Optimy help them to define their selection criteria, by choosing answers in forms which exclude or automatically accept the project.
  • 4.Optimy allows for Randstad’s project timelines to be viewed on one dashboard. Randstad can also choose what type of project they can look at by status and date.
  • 5.Each project is summarised on one page so that Randstad can see key information like contact names, their sponsor’s input, douments related to the project, etc. Optimy also allows for email exchanges with the project owner.
  • 6.Optimy’s tool keeps the conversation history in Randstad’s project record. Randstad can also send systematic and personalised messages to the sponsorship team and to the sponsorship team and to the agencies at each step of the process for every project.
  • 7.With Optimy, Randstad can generate tailor-made and up-to-date reports that include the number of incoming requests, number of requests accepted, number of requests in a specific area, etc.

  • Results Achieved by Randstad with the help of Optimy

  • 1.5m people benefit from the partnership
  • 50% time saved
  • €1.3m invested on corporate philanthropy
  • 150 Randstad employees have volunteered
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