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The Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust was founded in 2007 to manage the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in Europe, the Middle East and African (EMEA) region. The mission of the Trust is to make sustainable, long-term differences in human health. It does this by investing in strategic partnerships and innovative solutions that add value to society and impact people’s lives. The Trust is an independent organisation that reflects the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies’ commitment to improve the quality of life in the communities that its employees live and work in.

"The Optimy Solution made our grant management process much easier: all the grant information and documentation is stored in the same place. Also, reports and documents on one programme or across our portfolio can directly be generated from it!" Nathalie Van Den Bosch, Grant Coordinator at Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust

Projects Supported


Since 2013, the Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact Team has partnered with One Young World (OYW) to support the people who are at the heart of delivering care.

The OYW programme is open to selected J&J employees and to those working through the J&J OYW Scholarship Programme (aged 18-30). As of today 90 J&J delegates all over the world have taken part in the programme.

This year, 78 J&J delegates will be participating in the OYW Programme for 2018 and will be attending the annual OYW Summit in The Hague in October.

J&J’s investment in this leadership initiative provides J&J’s young leaders the unique opportunity to learn from inspirational world leaders.

All J&J delegates are supported by a mentorship frame-work to help them use their ideas and what they have into practical solutions. After completing this initiative these delegates will become J&J OYW Ambassadors and change makers for the future.

J&J do not only invest in young leaders within their organisation, but are committed to supporting those delivering care through the J&J OYW Scholarship Program.

The Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust needed a one-top solution to be able to:

  • Implement a flexible and user friendly grant management system
  • Generate and extract reports on data
  • Structure incoming applications by type of partnership
  • Why they use

    The Solution

  • 1.Optimy is a grant management software that helps foundations like Johnson & Johnson optimise their grant making facilities through the entire lifecycle of a project, from the application process to completion and reporting.
  • 2.All of Johnson and Johnson’s applications are collected through a single entry point through Optimy: a tailor-made form is filled in by different parties to provide standard data regarding the partners, the project description, impact requirements, the budget, etc.
  • 3.With Optimy, all projects can be followed from a single dashboard and on a global map by the team. J&J’s key information is available on a single page: the project submitter, the project leader, contact details of the partner organisation, etc.
  • 4.All of J&J’s documents attached to each project are efficiently stored with Optimy’s management tool: project framework, agreements, budget plan, etc. Projects can be evaluated by the team against a set list of criteria.
  • 5.Johnson & Johnson’s systematic and personalised emails are sent to the project owner at each step of the process for every project. The conversation record is available in each project record.
  • 6.J&J’s users can directly communicate with each other on a project through the comments and the tasks. The Optimy tool generates a PDF of the application form to be added to the beneficiary agreement.
  • 7.Models of beneficiary agreements can be generated with the project data of a specific project. J&J’s projects related to the same program can be linked to each other with Optimy.
  • 8.J&J’s users can easily generate tailor-made and up-to date reports: number of incoming requests, the granted amount per project, etc.

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    Results Achieved by Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust with the help of Optimy

  • £700,000 awarded to delegates
  • 50% time saved
  • 9,000 delegates supported since 2009
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