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The ENGIE Foundation was created to help the weakest and most vulnerable. The ENGIE Foundation are therefore committed to helping children and young people in need by mobilising energy for all and protecting biodiversity.

This corresponds with the Foundations philosophy that ‘‘children will build the world of tomorrow, so giving them the energy to act is vital to the future of the planet’’.

After its establishment 25 years ago, the ENGIE Foundation has supported over 1,000 projects, charitable organisations and institutions in 25 countries. They support projects led by women and projects that provide emergence assistance to those who need it.

"The Optimy software is the right solution for streamlining the request submission, we therefore operate with greater effectiveness by speeding up our procedures. And now, we can also manage projects overtime." Nadège Lharaig, Project Manager at Engie

Projects Supported


The goal of this project was to provide emergency assistance to villages in Khammouane Province of Loas (Asia). The Doksuri Typhoon swept through Laos in September 2017, devastating villages in Khammoane Province. A number of buildings, including primary schools and water access facilities, were damaged. The typhoon destroyed all the food supplies in Khammouance, this led to a lack of food and hygiene, the development of infections and the forced closure of schools.

The ENGIE Foundation responded to the appeal for emergency donations that was launched in the wake of the Doksuri Typhoon. The funds the ENGIE Foundation allocated to those affected used to reopen canteens for children aged 3-11, help families and infants, and repair damaged schools, among other things. Engie Foundation provides funds to many more projects such as this, many are presented by associations related to social integration for the youth, access to energy, biodiversity and sustainable development.

Since the launching of the foundation, more than 100 projects have been supported in 25 countries.

Engie Foundation needed a one-top solution to be able to:

  • Streamline the flow of incoming requests
  • Route/sort incoming requests based on their theme
  • Have a view on activities per country
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    The Solution

  • 1.Optimy is a grant management software that helps foundations like the ENGIE Foundation to optimise their grant making facilities through the entire lifecycle of a project, from the application process to completion and reporting.
  • 2.All of ENGIE’s requests are collected through a single entry point. Optimy ensures that tailor-made forms are filled in to provide standard data regarding the project, and to complete an intermediate and a final assessment.
  • 3.ENGIE’s requests received by email are transferred to the Optimy Solution via a dropbox email address.
  • 4.Projects submitted are directly routed by program to the dashboard of the concerned program manager for review. Each program manager from the ENGIE Foundation can follow all activities from a single dashboard and on a global map.
  • 5.ENGIE’s key information is available on a single page: the project location, its objectives, the partners, the budget etc. All documents attached to each project are efficiently stored with Optimy’s tool.
  • 6.Systematic and personalised emails are sent to the project owner at each step of the process for every project. The conversation record is also available in each of ENGIE’s project record. Users can directly communicate between each other on a project through the comments and the tasks.
  • 7.With Optimy, document models can be generated with the project data in each project: convention, summary report, etc. Each of ENGIE’s projects are assessed by the program manager via the internal extra fields.
  • 8.ENGIE’s users can easily generate tailor-made and up-to-date reports: number of incoming requests, the granted amount per project, number of projects per region, per theme etc.

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    Results Achieved by Engie with the help of Optimy

  • 280 projects supported 
  • 50% time saved
  • 25 countries have been helped by Engie
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